This page contains a bunch of information about recording shows at Green Note and what I can do subsequently with those recordings to make them sound top.

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What's it all about?

Hiya! So by virtue of the fact you are on this page you know that I am one of the house engineers at London’s award winning venue Green Note.

Most probably you also know that myself and one of the other engineers have installed a 24bit /48KHz recorder in the main room which records all the channels on the desk. This includes two Rode NT5 mics hung above the audience to capture ambience of the room.

It’s highly likely that I have actually captured your show and have supplied you with the raw audio. This page is a completely undisguised attempt to extract more money out of you by telling you about the various ways I can mix this raw audio for you!

Joking aside I spend my working life making artists sound as good as possible both in the studio setting and live. I have the tools and the experience to really maximise your recordings.

If you have come to this page direct I encourage you to have a nosey around and listen to my production and mixing work, but do scroll on to learn about the options

Option 1: Raw Audio

This is the one we’ve probably discussed. These are exactly as they come off the recorder and can be loaded into any Digital Audio Workstation for mixing. I do go through the files after the show and remove any blank tracks and label them up and check that there are no problems. The basic cost is £25. The cost may be cheaper if your setup is minimal e.g. solo singer / songwriter or. Drop me your tech spec and I will confirm the price.

Option 2: Edit and Static Mix

Here I split the raw files into separate tracks and edit out any dead air. I then carry out any audio repair, such as plosives on mics and amp hum, that can be much more prevalent in a live recording than in a studio setting. I finally create a static mix for the whole show.

The static mix involves me applying a set of choices: levels, EQ, compression etc. that basically work for the whole set / show. I do not fine tune for every individual song. This provides a very high quality mix, suitable for putting on websites and syncing with video footage, but it maybe that certain elements are not quite the best from song to song e.g. a guitar maybe a bit too quiet in one song. 

1 SET Headliner
  • 1-4 Channels £54
  • 5-8 Channels £72
  • 9-12 Channels £90
  • 13-16 Channels £108
2 SETS Headliner
  • 1-4 Channels £81
  • 5-8 Channels £108
  • 9-12 Channels £135
  • 13-16 Channels £162
1 SET Support Act
  • 1-4 Channels £42
  • 5-8 Channels £54
  • 9-12 Channels £72
  • 13-16 Channels £90
Do Note:
  • 2 Channels are always on for the 2 ambient mics
  • Prices are for mixing only and are extra to the fee for the Raw Audio
  • Prices are based on a maximum runtime of 50 mins for Headliner set / 35 Mins Support
  • A Set is timed from the start of the first song to the end of the last
  • 2 Set prices are based on the same artist playing both sets with the same setup

Option 3: Dynamic Mix

In this option you nominate which song(s) you want mixing in this way. I undertake the same editing and clean-up process as in Option 2 but the mixes are tailored to maximise each individual song. This tends to be the preferred option if you have high quality video footage of the show and you want the quality of sound to match the visuals

Mixed from Raw Audio (Option 1)
  • 1st Song £50
  • Subsequent Song £35
Mixed from Static Mix Tracks (Option 2)
  • £25 per Song
  • The fee for the static mix must have been paid

Beyond The Mixing...


In the case of Option 2 I offer one revision which can not be track specific, but must apply to the whole set of songs. In the case of Option 3 I offer two revisions per song. Subsequent revisions will be charged at £9 per every 15 mins (or part thereof) of time taken to complete the revision.



I don’t consider myself a mastering engineer but:

For Option 2 I can do a mastering job on the tracks to bring them all up to commercial playback levels

For Option 3 I can do the same as Option 2 but I also level match the tracks so there is a relatively consistent level to the material.

There is no extra charge for this.

Generally for this type of project this is fine but feel free to talk to me about what you are trying to achieve for the recording and I will be able to advise further.



In some cases there is a requirement to create and send a DDP to a pressing plant. This I can do but it will cost £16 per 50 mins of recording (or part thereof)



I endeavour to maximise the sonics of the recording in the best possible way based on the options you have chosen. Please remember this is a live recording and not a studio recording. Even with my skill and equipment there is a finite level that can be reached, I can’t make a DI’d guitar sound like it’s been recorded with a high end studio condenser mic.

File Delivery...

Option 1: 24 Bit 48Khz

Option 2 and 3: Either 24/48 or 16/44.1 for all songs

File Delivery...

Other Stuff...

All work undertaken is subject to my normal terms and conditions.

All work undertaken and any agreements made are between yourself and myself and have nothing to do with Green Note.

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